Monday, 31 May 2021

Good news all round for a change.

 I have two books on special offer -The Girls in Blue and An Unsuitable Alliance - both are £0.99/$0.99.

I also have the second book in this new Regency series, An Erroneous Assumption, on pre-order.
Here are the links:

I am sorry I missed posting in May - haven't been well and was also busy  finishing the first book for my new publisher Boldwood. Am now writing the third instalment of The Earl's Disputed Inheritance, A Scandalous Abduction - which should be out at the end of the year.
I have the final book for Aria-Head of Zeus, The Officer Girl in Blue, coming out in October -it's now edited and copy edited and I am very happy with it.
I've now had both my jabs and am back seeing my family - they came for lunch, indoors, for the first time in five months. They have both had one jab and will have the second this month.

The weather in UK has been dire - global warming - coldest, driest April on record and wettest May for decades. Finally, yesterday, a summer day. My garden is looking fabulous and am looking forward to spending more time in it now.

We've all lost so much these past 18 months - my beloved husband was one of hundreds of  thousands lost to Covid around the world. It's not defeated, it won't be until all the world is vaccinated. Stay safe and take care.
best wishes
Fenella J Miller

Thursday, 1 April 2021

Book News

A Wedding for the Spitfire Girl is now in a month long promotion with Amazon -reduced to £1.49!!
 Here is the link:

The Earl's Erstwhile Bride is now live - a week before I expected it to be. Here is the link to that one.

I'm about to start writing the first in an eight book contract for my new publisher Boldwood. Have read the new books I ordered and am planning it out in my head.

I have a detailed character and series outline but I doubt very much whether I'll actually follow it.

My final book for Aria -Head of Zeus is now wiht them for edits. I loved writing for them and have no complaints. It was just time to step up and move on.

Hope you have all had your jabs - if eligible - I had a bad reaction to mine but am still having the second one in three weeks. Then we can start seeing family and friends again.

We have the good weather to look forward to as well. My garden is looking great and have a man here painting the shed blue. 

Keep safe

Fenella J Miller

Tuesday, 2 March 2021

New box set and great news.

 I'm sorry I missed February altogether but as you can imagine my thoughts were with my husband who died on Boxing Day. I'm still grieving but the worst is over. I know that he's no longer trapped in a wheelchair unable to speak to me and unable to live with me. If there is a better place then he will be there, talking to his friends and looking down on me with pride. I miss him dreadfully but we had a wonderful life together and hopefully in time my memories will be happy once not sad.

I've published two books so far this year. The first was the first in a new Regency series – The Earl's Disputed Inheritance, An Unsuitable Alliance came out on Amazon at the beginning of February.
I've now published a box set of my last Regency series, The Reluctant Duke, in a box set. The three books are a bargain at $2.99 & £1.99 as buying them individually would cost three times as much.

This is the link if you wish to download this book set.

My great news is that I've just signed an eight book deal with the fabulous new publisher Boldwood. I was asked if I would like to join and of course I said yes. The books will be three a year and similar to my Spitfire and Girls in Blue series. I'll be sorry to leave Aria but Boldwood is a bigger and more successful concern. My last book for Aria is in the process of being written and will be handed in on a couple of weeks.

I hope that you are all staying indoors and staying safe. Please get your vaccination if it's offered as it's the only way we're going to get back to a reasonably normal way of life in the future. I've not seen anyone apart from my husband's funeral and a doctors appointment in the past two months.

Best wishes

Fenella J Miller

Thursday, 31 December 2020

A dreadful end to a dreadful year.

 I'm devastated to tell you that my beloved husband Dusty died on 26th December from Covid.

Fenella J Miller

Wednesday, 2 December 2020

Final book for 2020 is out today!


After a long wait - since March - the first book in my second series for Aria, The Girls in Blue, is now live.
Click here to find it on Amazon
It is, of course, available everywhere. The paperback will be out in March and the book tour goes live in January.
I love being a hybrid author and Aria is great to work with. I've a good editor, the promotion is spot on and my books have done so well.
I have around sixty Regency books on Amazon and nine WW2. 65% of my income on Amazon is from my WW2 books. I won't stop writing Regency as they are fun to do but will also now be writing two new WW2 for me as well as two for Aria.
This will be my last post until the new year so I wish you a happy Christmas/holiday season and a peaceful and healthy new year.
Fenella J Miller

Sunday, 1 November 2020

November Blues!

 I don't like November or February and this year I dislike it even more. A full lockdown starts on Thursday - too late in my opinion - and this means no chance of seeing my husband until December at the earliest.

Also I can't see my brother or my niece, my friends or neighbours. I can still see my son, daughter in law and grandson -so that's one thing I couldn't do last time. 

The nights are long and the days short and gloomy. I have over 250 assorted bulbs to plant but haven't been able to get into the garden.

This book is out next week - thank you if you've already pre ordered it.


 The only good thing about this year is the extra time I've had to write and read and watch TV.

Another thing that is depressing is this new layout on Blogger - I apologise for the poor layout but it no longer allows me to put my pictures where I want them.

Take care - this is a deadly illness - not the flu, and it's infecting millions, killing thousands and leaving even more wiht long term health problems.

best wishes

Fenella J Miller

Thursday, 1 October 2020

The New Normal

 How much has changed in the past seven months. I can no longer visit my husband in his care home at all – for three months I could see him in the garden – that too has gone and the home is in total lockdown for a second time. If I'm lucky I might get a couple of minutes on facetime a few times a week.
No parties, no family gatherings and no visits to shops, restaurants or other places. I doubt I'll ever shop anywhere but on line again.
This year there will be no Halloween knocking on the doors little ones – I think there's a move where my seven year old grandson lives for people to put up a picture of a pumpkin in their window and then the child can walk around with a parent or adult and every time they spy a pumpkin they get a sweet from the adult accompanying them. It remains to be seen if this works. 

It looks as if Christmas will be different and not in a good way. I can see myself, the way things are going in the UK, sitting by myself watching TV instead of sharing the day with my family. I'm at the vulnerable age where mixing with schoolchildren could be considered dangerous. I'm going to continue to see my family for the moment but that could all change.

The Girls in Blue, was supposed to come out now but has been moved to December 3 to avoid the thousands of books that were delayed because of the virus. This is the first in a three book series about girls in the WAAF. For the first time in my writing career this book will come out in proper paperback format – not POD – and the paperback is out in the spring. I've also sold large print for the first of The Spitfire Girl series and I'm really pleased about that too.

The moment I got my Christmas offering pre-order – A Christmas Conundrum – and this will be released later this month.

Then the fifth and final book in my very popular Barbara's War will go on preorder at the end of this month and come out in November.

The only good thing about the coronavirus is that being trapped at home so much of the time I've managed to write nine books this year. Writing keeps me sane.

I think we have to learn to live with this – the new normal – which will mean restrictions for all of us for many months, possibly years, to come.

Staying and stay safe – we will get through this eventually and things will improve.

I apologise for the random way the covers have appeared but I've not yet mastered the new layout for blogger.

Best wishes until next month

Fenella J Miller