Thursday, 30 October 2014

The Ghosts at Pemberley

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Jane Austen Variations

The Ghosts at Pemberley by Fenella J Miller

Jane Austen has been one of my favourite authors since I was very young – although I must admit I didn't fully understand the nuances of her language and her gentle irony until I was in my late teens.
Of the six completed books I, like most other readers, have Pride & Prejudice as my favourite, and the one I like least is Emma, that is because Emma is not a character you warm to.
There have been many TV and film adaptations of her books and again I enjoyed most of The Pride & Prejudice ones; however, I didn’t enjoy the Mansfield Park TV version with Billie Piper – I think she was wrongly cast.
There have also been Jane Austen variations such as Death Comes to Pemberley and Lost in Austen. The PD James version was not well received and although well-acted there were too many historical inaccuracies to make it enjoyable viewing. Lizzy, for instance, wears the same green dress every day. Lost in Austen, although a fantastic, has to be my favourite. I’ve watched the final scene many times as it is the most romantic ending ever.
I’ve also read dozens of sequels, prequels and mash ups over the past few years. It appears that the thousands of Janeite fans will read anything related to her work, although Pride & Prejudice linked books are still the favourites.
I have been looking at what is around at the moment and there is everything from appallingly written erotica to some excellent sequels. There are also books where the only things that are the same are the names - I don’t read books of that sort – I want my Jane Austen variations to be firmly linked to actual books.
I really enjoy Amanda Grange, Jane Odiwe and Monica Fairview’s books. There are also several authors producing contemporary Jane Austen linked books – such as Juliet Archer and Victoria Connolly. There are dozens of other good writers but I prefer British authors. Although traditional publishers decided the Jane Austen bubble had burst a few years ago, author-publishers are still producing them and they are still being devoured eagerly.
I wrote a Pride & Prejudice version telling the story from Jane and Bingley’s viewpoints, Miss Bennet & Mr Bingley, some years ago which still sounds a handful of copies a week. However, I have now written the first in a four book series entitled, Pemberley, (I know, I could have come up with a more original series title – but it is what it says on the tin.) The Ghosts at Pemberley is Kitty Bennet’s story and is, I hope, a genuinely scary ghost story as well as a romance. This is now available on Amazon Kindle and there will be a paperback, perfect for Christmas presents, out in November.
I am writing the second in the series, A Scandal at Pemberley, which is Georgiana Darcy’s story and this will be published next March as an e-book and the paperback will follow in the summer.  (  (

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Christmas at Hartford Hall

I decided to republish this novella, that I have just got back from Musa, with a brand-new cover done by the wonderful Jane Dixon-Smith. It is a book that was written on commission for DC Thomson several years ago and is based on the Cinderella story.
I am thrilled that it is already a bestseller in the US and hopefully will also be popular over here.
Here are links if you would like to buy it – it is also available free to anyone who has joined the Kindle owners library. (.com)  (.uk)
Fenella J Miller

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The Ghosts at Pemberley

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The first of my Pemberley series, The Ghosts at Pemberley is now available to pre-order on Amazon. This book will be released on 30th October 2014.
I love the cover and would like to thank Jane Dixon-Smith for designing it and Amanda Grange for finding me the image of the girl who is exactly how I imagined Kitty Bennet to be.
I am going to write a series of at least four books all set in and around Pemberley. Each one will feature a different hero or heroine and the main thrust of the story will be their romance. However, Darcy and Elizabeth will also be an essential part of each book, as well as a variety of other well-known characters from Pride & Prejudice.
The Ghosts at Pemberley is Kitty Bennet's story. The second one in this series of Jane Austen variations, A Scandal at Pemberley, will feature Georgiana Darcy and the third one will be Mary Bennet's story. A Scandal at Pemberley will be published in the spring of 2015 and the third book will be released in November 2 015.

The Ghosts at Pemberley - a Jane Austen Variation. 
Miss Kitty Bennet is travelling to Pemberley in order to become a companion and friend to Miss Georgiana Darcy when disaster strikes. Adam Denney, the Rector of Bakewell comes to her aid and is much taken with her. Bingley is hurt in the accident and he and Jane are obliged to remain at The Rectory, whilst Kitty continues her journey. 
The coach accident is just the first of many terrifying incidents that occur once Kitty is established at Pemberley. Somehow her arrival has woken the spirits that occupy the East wing and these ghosts are determined to get their revenge on those who trapped them in the spirit world. Elizabeth is in danger and Darcy is determined to keep her safe. Can the power of God defeat the evil or will Pemberley and its occupants be destroyed?

Fenella J Miller