Friday 1 November 2019

New Box Set - Victoria's War

$0.99 /£0.99
I am delighted to tell you that this month I've republished Victoria's War as a box set. I've written almost 70 books in the past fifteen years and I think these two are my favourites.
The first part of the book is set in India in nineteen thirty-nine and I used my mother's memoir for authenticity. She, like the heroine Victoria, was an Anglo-Indian daughter of a Raja and was living with her Indian family when war broke out in nineteen thirty-nine.
There is a new genre of sagas which is gaining ground with publishing and this niche is called an "exotic saga". These books fall into that category.
My current publisher, although they loved the books, thought the voice was too different from the one I am using now in my Spitfire Girl series.
These books were published several years ago and never took off – they were unpublished  two years ago so there will be a lot of new readers who haven't seen them before.
I do hope that this time Victoria's War binds a larger audience.
The second book in The Reluctant Duke series, The Duke's Decision, will be on preorder next month for release in February 2020.

I know there are many writers who thoroughly disapprove of discounting books as I have done in this case. I'm still of the opinion that if your books have already sold enough to make you the profit that you wanted, then using them to attract new readers at a bargain price is a good marketing move.
A very good friend discounted her enormous backlist and has become a bestseller in America for the first time and is now making almost a six-figure return.
Until next time
Fenella J Miller