Sunday 1 July 2018

All's Well That Ends Well and For Want of a Penny

FREE 2nd - 6th July
I am sad to being saying goodbye to the characters in The Nightingale Chronicles. I have lived with Sarah and Alfie for years and now the final book is on pre-order.
For Want of a Penny was written in 2008 and then updated and copy edited three years ago. This book will be FREE from 2nd July until 6th July.
The fourth and final book All's Well That Ends Well is now live as a pre-order and will be released on 12th July.

Pre-order now. Out 12th July
£1.99 & $2.99
The Nightingale Chronicles - Book 4 - All's Well That Ends Well
This is the final book in a four book series and both Sarah Cooper and Alfie Nightingale will have to endure a deal of heartbreak and danger over the next two years to reach their happy ever after. Sarah becomes betrothed to Robert Billings and moves her family back to Colchester, and Alfie leaves to be a policeman in London. Somehow Sarah must hold the family together and pray that her man will come back to her. Alfie has a life changing decision to make but will he make the right one for himself and the family that he has abandoned?

Thank you to everyone who downloaded The Reclusive Duke either as a KOL or for their reader. This book has done better than any other I've published and if I knew why I'd do it every time.
Until next time - stay cool and enjoy the unprecedented good weather
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Fenella J Miller