Wednesday 13 April 2016

The Good Murungu? A Cricket Tale of the Unexpected.

For a change I'm hosting a cricket book written by Alan Butcher.
I met him at a tea shop several months ago and promised to feature his autobiography when it came out.
I've not read it yet - but am looking forward to doing so, If it's as interesting as the writer then it will be an excellent read.

Alan Butcher was looking for a new challenge after leaving his job coaching Surrey County Cricket Club. A phone call out of the blue from a Zimbabwean great alerted him to the possibility of coaching the nation's cricket team. His three years in charge presents an insight into the at times schizophrenic nature of cricket in this intriguing country.
Starting at the point when Butcher was offered the job he describes the process of moulding a team out of a dispirited and disillusioned group of players. Part cricket memoir, part travelogue; part love song, part lament for a beautiful but troubled country, The Good Murungu? is a must read for fans of any sport.

Alan Butcher has spent over 40 years in professional cricket as player and coach. He played county cricket for Surrey and Glamorgan and represented England in one Test match and one ODI. Following coaching spells with Essex CCC and Surrey CCC he became Zimbabwe coach in 2010. Better known nowadays as Mark Butcher’s father, this is his first book.

Friday 1 April 2016

I'm a believer!

£1.99  & $2.99
Everyone had been telling me about the wonders of a Bookbub promotion – that it would be career changing if I was lucky enough to be able to get on to their list.
It would appear that for every thousand applicants only one hundred are taken on.
I was distinctly dubious – how could spending £300 in order to give away thousands of books help my career?
However, I decided to apply and, to my astonishment, Barbara's War, the first in my three book series, was accepted. £267 was a little less than I'd been anticipating, but still a huge amount of money to invest on the off chance of getting noticed in the States.
Over a period of twenty-four hours I had thirty-two thousand downloads in America, five thousand in the UK and three thousand elsewhere in the world.
The book went to number one on the free book chart on Amazon in America. I couldn't believe it.
What was even more gratifying was that I sold enough copies of the other two books in the series, also in America, to pay for the promotion.
I also got forty new subscribers to my e-list and I'm hoping that there will be more reviews forthcoming as well.
I'm definitely a believer in the efficacy of Bookbub. I shall  apply to have another of my World War II books put into the system in a couple of months time.



Fenella J Miller