Thursday 17 November 2011

What shall I write next?

Yesterday I finished my first Young Adult Urban Fantasy. I'm expecting the edits for my fifth Musa Aurora Regency,  Christmas at Hartford Hall, any day so have a week to decide what my next project will be.
I have written in various genres but so far am published only with Regency -  over twenty-five published titles in six years. I would love to see my Victorian saga or one of my WW2 books available too.
As a change from historical I started writing my YA book last year - yes it has taken me  a year to finish. The longest of any book - normally I write fast and complete a book in less than three months. I moved last December which threw me -however I've managed to write a fresh  Regency and spent many weeks editing books for Aurora.
Back to the YA - was it the  different genre that slowed me down? That it was the first contemporary? The first fantasy?  I hope not. I loved writing this and will be sending it out to agents in the New Year. Should I start the second in the series now? I have three books planned and a further two with the secondary characters taking the lead.
The problem I have is that I also want to write another Jane Austen linked book and have already planned out two stories. I would like to write a Victorian novella for People's Friend - something different from my light Regency romances.
I have until the edits are done to decide.
Any suggestions? Another tried and tested Regency?A second YA fantasy? A JA linked book? A Victorian novella?
best wishes