Wednesday 21 September 2011

Interview with Fiona Harper & Festival of Romance

Today I'm thrilled to have Fiona Harper on my blog talking about the forthcoming Festival of Romance.

What are you looking forward to at the Festival of Romance?

Apart from meeting other writers and readers who love a happy ending and a goose bump-inducing romance, I don't know!  This is the first ever Festival of Romance so it's something completely new. So I'm looking forward to the unexpected!
What will you be doing at the Festival of Romance?

I'm going to be taking part in a panel discussion on 'From Chick Lit to Hen Lit' on Saturday 22nd.  Other than that I will be attending a lot of sessions and soaking up as much as I can!

Why should readers come to the Festival of Romance?

It's going to be fun!  In this digital age we like to have an interactive component to everything.  Well, this is our chance to not just interact with a computer screen but to meet other readers who love the fiction we love face to face, along with some of the people who write our favourite romances too!
 Thank you Fiona. 
The Festival of Romance is  taking place on Friday 21st & Saturday 22nd October. Go and look at the website to see all the great things going on for readers and writers and anyone who just want a good time.
Fenella Miller

This is Fiona's latest book.

Friday 9 September 2011

Exciting Times

After several weeks of stress and worry  Aurora of Aspen Mountain Press has been bought by a new company called Musa. All authors were offered their rights  which was a great thing  for Musa to do. We then had the choice of re-submitting or going elsewhere.
I have chosen to put Miss Peterson & The Colonel, A Cornish Maid, Lady Eleanor's Secret and Miss Bannerman & The Duke with Musa. They should all be reissued in October still called Aurora but with a new banner incorporating the Musa name. This is good as I was worried about readers thinking they were new titles. The covers, which  I love, are also staying the same.
I also have two full length books coming out with www.regencyreads sometime in the next few months. A further two will come out in the New Year.
Thank you all the Austenesque followers who entered my quiz. The winners have been announced by Meredith.
Following  this Jane Austen month has inspired me to think about writing another Jane Austen linked book. I have the outlines and first  three chapters of two already done -all I have to do is decide which one to write. When I've finished writing my YA fantasy -probably next month -I shall be starting this. I shall publish the new Jane Austen linked book on Kindle next spring.