Friday 27 April 2012

Maureen Lee - After the War is Over

  Today I'm thrilled to have a post from Maureen Lee. Her new book 'After the War is over' is due out on May 10th. Maureen  told me why she wrote this novel.

"I wrote this novel because so many of my books are centred around the Second World War. I had originally intended to carry the story on until the end of the century and the start of the new, but it seemed to finish naturally long before then."

Here is short blurb from her new cover. I can't wait to read this latest book form a master story teller.

‘Bestseller Maureen Lee returns to Bootle in this heart-warming tale set between Liverpool and London in the post-war years.

Liverpool, 1945.  Three women, strong friends, return home from the war trying to fit back into their old lives after they’ve been demobbed.  They’ve been thrown together by the war and shared all sorts of good and bad times.  Now their old lives seem dull in comparison, but not for long… 

The younger women, Maggie and Nell, are both twenty-one and are full of hope and excitement; Iris, on the other hand, is feeling apprehensive about returning to civilian life. At the age of thirty her only wish in life is to have a baby, but sadly this wish has yet to come true.

When one of the women falls pregnant, there begins a dramatic sequence of events so wide-reaching that the three friends’ lives will become more intricately interwoven than they could ever have imagined.

Over the next quarter of a century this story of three remarkable – and very different – women unfolds into an uplifting tale of how three ordinary families become extraordinary.’


Wednesday 11 April 2012

A Dissembler - regencyreads -e-book

I'm delighted to tell you that another of my OAP Hale books is now available as an e-book on This book is set in the house of friends in Frating and also in Great Bentley - which has the biggest village green in England. This story is one of my personal favourites. 

April 2012 — Current Releases

A Dissembler
Regency Romance (ebook)
Marianne Devenish arrives in Great Bentley to find the Earl of Wister, Theodolphus Rickham, pretending to be Sir Theodore Devenish, a tulip of the ton. She also learns that Lord Grierson’s sons are involved with local smugglers. Can Theo catch a spy, save the Grierson brothers from the gallows and rescue the woman he loves before she is lost to him forever? Regency Romance by Fenella Miller; originally published by Robert Hale [UK]

Sunday 1 April 2012

Welcome Wendy Soliman

Today I'm delighted to welcome my good friend Wendy Soliman to my blog. She has two books out this week and is here to tell you all abut herself and her wonderful books.Over to you Wendy.

The Perfect Impostor
I’m a British author, now dividing my time between Andorra and the West Coast of Florida. I write both historical and contemporary romance, which works well until I get two books releasing at the same time, which is the situation I’m in right now. Nice work if you can get it!
When not writing I lavish love and attention on my adored rescued dog, spend a lot of time walking and cycling and also do more than my fair share of drinking wine!
The Perfect Impostor, my latest Regency romance is published by Carina Press April 2nd. I’m delighted with the cover. Carina artists do awesome work and I haven’t had a cover yet that doesn’t beautifully encapsulate the mood of the entire book. If readers do actually judge a book by its cover then I have high hopes for my little impostor.
What do you think?
Katrina Sinclair, recently widowed, is struggling to make a name for herself as a modiste. Her childhood friend, now a marchioness, could well make that happen when she asks Katrina to design her wardrobe for an upcoming society house party. One small snag though, Julia wants Katrina to swap places with her for the duration of that party. They did it often enough as children. No one could tell them apart then and can’t now.
Against her better judgement, Katrina agrees. What harm can come of it?
Plenty, as it happens. For starters, Julia’s husband, equerry to the prince regent, puts in a surprise appearance, expecting to spend the night with his wife. Katrina will do much to protect Julia, but sleeping with her husband is several steps above and beyond the call of friendship. How will she get out of that one?
Worse, Lord Leo Kincade turns up as well, supposedly on his way home from France. In actual fact, he’s been assigned to look into jewel thefts that are occurring at society gatherings such as the one Katrina’s attending. The proceeds from those thefts turn up in Napoleon’s coffers, making the lady behind the scheme a traitor to her country. Julia is a prime suspect.
Leo was once engaged to Julia but knows almost at once that the woman he meets at Lady Marshall’s isn’t Julia Dupont. But who is she? Why is she pretending to be Julia? Why is he drawn to her in a way that he never was to Julia? And what does she have to do with the thefts?
To add to Katrina’s woes, her late husband’s brother tracks her down to the house party too. He blames her for his brother’s death and is set on revenge…
The Perfect Impostor by Wendy Soliman available from Carina Press and all good ebook stores from April 2nd 2012 $4.79

With my contemporary hat on, The Name of the Game has just been released by SirenBookStrand and is my first effort at writing romantic suspense solely from the heroine’s point of view.
Ashley believes her boss when he says his marriage if over. They enter into a steamy affair and Ashley works her butt off to prepare the company for amalgamation with a rival so that she and Matt can go public with their relationship. But the bottom abruptly falls out of her world when Matt’s ‘estranged’ wife appears at the office, heavily pregnant.
Ashley breaks off the affair but Matt won’t let up on her. He convinces her that he isn’t the father of the baby but must stand by Eve until the amalgamation goes through because she owns a vital five per cent of the company’s shares that could swing the deal in either direction.
Someone is trying to sabotage the amalgamation. Ashley delves into the Templeton family’s affairs, uncovering deeply buried secrets that someone will go to any lengths—even murder—to protect. As she fights to save the man she loves from the brink of ruin, Ashley finds that she’s placed her own life on the line…
The Name of the Game by Wendy Soliman – Available now from SirenBookStrand $3.39
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Thanks for having me here. It’s been a blast.