Friday, 27 April 2012

Maureen Lee - After the War is Over

  Today I'm thrilled to have a post from Maureen Lee. Her new book 'After the War is over' is due out on May 10th. Maureen  told me why she wrote this novel.

"I wrote this novel because so many of my books are centred around the Second World War. I had originally intended to carry the story on until the end of the century and the start of the new, but it seemed to finish naturally long before then."

Here is short blurb from her new cover. I can't wait to read this latest book form a master story teller.

‘Bestseller Maureen Lee returns to Bootle in this heart-warming tale set between Liverpool and London in the post-war years.

Liverpool, 1945.  Three women, strong friends, return home from the war trying to fit back into their old lives after they’ve been demobbed.  They’ve been thrown together by the war and shared all sorts of good and bad times.  Now their old lives seem dull in comparison, but not for long… 

The younger women, Maggie and Nell, are both twenty-one and are full of hope and excitement; Iris, on the other hand, is feeling apprehensive about returning to civilian life. At the age of thirty her only wish in life is to have a baby, but sadly this wish has yet to come true.

When one of the women falls pregnant, there begins a dramatic sequence of events so wide-reaching that the three friends’ lives will become more intricately interwoven than they could ever have imagined.

Over the next quarter of a century this story of three remarkable – and very different – women unfolds into an uplifting tale of how three ordinary families become extraordinary.’


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