Wednesday 22 April 2015

The Scandal at Pemberley

£2.50 or $1.99 Amazon only.
I'm thrilled to tell you that the second book in my 'At Pemberley' series is now available on Amazon. I'm really enjoying writing this series and my intention is to publish a new installment every year. The next one - 'A Spy at Pemberley' is in the planning stage and I hope to get started in the autumn.
I thought about writing a book for Mary and Lydia, but have decided not to - the next one will be a new story about Darcy and Lizzy.

Blurb for 'A Scandal at Pemberley'.

A Scandal at Pemberley is Georgiana Darcy and Major Jonathan Brownstone's story. The major is to be groomsman for his best friend, Adam King, when he marries Kitty Bennet at Pemberley. Georgiana is about to embark on her first Season, but after meeting Jonathan she is having doubts about going. As Lizzy is expecting twins Darcy can't accompany his sister but is happy for his new brother-in-law to stand guardian in his stead. 
When George Wickham arrives uninvited at Pemberley, he sets in motion a chain of events that could cause a scandal from which none of the family would recover. (.com) (uk)

Hope you enjoy this second installment -it's a stand alone book - but continues the story started in the fist book 'The Ghosts at Pemberley'.

Fenella J Miller

Wednesday 1 April 2015

Poldark - is Aiden Turner enough?

Like 90% of the female population I was avidly awaiting the new version of Poldark. I remember loving the first series many years ago but fortunately didn't remember much about the story. I read the Winston Graham books, but again so long ago I have no recollection the plot – apart from I seem to remember Ross becomes an MP in the last book.
Aiden Turner certainly doesn't disappoint – he's an excellent actor and has to be the best looking lead on television at the moment. Demelza is equally attractive – funny, but I can't remember the name of the young woman who plays her. Indeed, I cannot criticize the acting, the setting or the costumes.

I'm sure you sense there is a big 'but' coming– and here are the reasons I am disappointed in the BBC production.
1. Ross is supposedly penniless but by last Sunday's episode he was the proud possessor of not only a carriage, but three different black horses.
2. Verity arrived for a prolonged visit with a trunk the size of a briefcase – what was all that about? Also on the luggage front Demelza and Ross took no luggage when they went to stay for Christmas but mysteriously a new gown arrived which Demelza then abandoned the next day.
3. Ross had a carriage – why on earth didn't he use it to take Demelza for her first overnight visit at the big house?
4. If the mines and the big house were within walking distance, why did Ross gallop hither and yon on so many occasions?
5. When Ross and Demelza galloped to help with the pilchards they were seen walking home without their horse. On one occasion he actually galloped home in the same direction as he galloped away.
6. Demelza's pregnancy: she announced that she was pregnant in September – in those days she wouldn't have known for certain until she was at least two months – then she is only just experiencing morning sickness, has a waist like wasp, three months later when she should have been at least five months pregnant.
7. Elizabeth's baby has remained a babe in arms – is there something wrong with the poor little thing that we don't know about? He should now be sitting up and taking an interest.
8. Demelza's dancing – we all know that she is an awkward young woman – but really! Why make her look as though she has a pair of feet like kippers.
9. The head of the household kicked the bucket and it's as if he had never existed – in those days the house would have gone into black and there would be no parties or celebrations for a minimum of six months.
10. It wasn't until Victorian times that gentlewomen attended funerals – of course, it might have been different in the wilds of Cornwall – but I doubt it.
11. The final and most ridiculous incident was the arrival of the villains and their partners unannounced, "we were just passing by and called in," on Christmas Eve!! Good grief! We wouldn't do this in the 21st-century, let alone in the 18th when etiquette was everything. Surely somebody must have checked these facts?

There – I've dared to speak ill of the Poldark. The BBC's production/direction are to blame for these appalling inconsistencies and historical errors and I cannot fathom why more effort wasn't put into this production.
They have a superb cast and the script is okay - but I can't be the only one who is irritated beyond measure by the sloppy production values. I will still watch the programme twice – once in the morning on my own and again with my husband in the evening, but some of the gloss has definitely gone for me.
What do you think? Will I now get hate mail and a storm of abuse? :)