Wednesday, 22 April 2015

The Scandal at Pemberley

£2.50 or $1.99 Amazon only.
I'm thrilled to tell you that the second book in my 'At Pemberley' series is now available on Amazon. I'm really enjoying writing this series and my intention is to publish a new installment every year. The next one - 'A Spy at Pemberley' is in the planning stage and I hope to get started in the autumn.
I thought about writing a book for Mary and Lydia, but have decided not to - the next one will be a new story about Darcy and Lizzy.

Blurb for 'A Scandal at Pemberley'.

A Scandal at Pemberley is Georgiana Darcy and Major Jonathan Brownstone's story. The major is to be groomsman for his best friend, Adam King, when he marries Kitty Bennet at Pemberley. Georgiana is about to embark on her first Season, but after meeting Jonathan she is having doubts about going. As Lizzy is expecting twins Darcy can't accompany his sister but is happy for his new brother-in-law to stand guardian in his stead. 
When George Wickham arrives uninvited at Pemberley, he sets in motion a chain of events that could cause a scandal from which none of the family would recover. (.com) (uk)

Hope you enjoy this second installment -it's a stand alone book - but continues the story started in the fist book 'The Ghosts at Pemberley'.

Fenella J Miller

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