Wednesday 30 March 2011

Imperial War Museum

Imperial War Museum
London bus circa 1920
Last week I made my first visit to the Imperial War Museum. I can't think why I've not been there before as it's packed with interesting exhibits, an art gallery, and always very important – an excellent cafe.
These toys brought back a few fond memories
This was all you were allowed during rationing.
I went with my good friend Jean Fullerton and we decided we must go back at least once more as we didn't really do it justice.
They have brilliant mock-up of semi-detached house – but it was certainly not the sort of place most people lived in.  It had an indoor bathroom and flush toilet (something I didn't have until late in my teens) and the kitchen was well-equipped.
I can remember at my grandmother's house trying to keep the slippery satin eiderdown on the bed during the night. In the end I put it under the blanket instead of on top.
The dreaded satin eiderdown!
I think this could be a Spitfire. (We really should have bought the guide book.)
Rationing lasted until the 50s which is why I can remember having to use my sweet coupons. I can also remember what must have been one of the last "pea-soupers". I'd gone with my father to the corner shop no more than 5 min from where we live and the fog came down whilst we were out. I think it took us an hour and a half to grope our way back. I hung onto his jacket whilst he fingered his way up and down every path until he reached a front door and could find out if it was the entrance to our apartment block.  The planes were surprisingly small and the guns absolutely enormous.
 A German plane - not sure which one.
I think many of these brands are still around today -and certainly were not so long ago. We didn't get time to look around the art gallery but will do that on out next visit. The Blitz experience was good -when the seats moved someone at the end of the row used very rude language - in keeping with the times, I felt.
I apologize for the random layout of this blog -not quite got to grips with it yet.
Fenella Miller
A fine array of tinned goods

Friday 18 March 2011

Good and bad day

My new kitchen units are almost done - but no handles on the units and the pelmet is too short. I've tried to ring Homebase head office but they don't answer their phone. Do they know I have a list of fourteen complaints?
The new bookcases are wonderful -all I need is the rest of my books from the garage to fill them up.
My speakers arrived and I pushed the green ended connection into the green hole in the back of the PC but nothing happens. Have to wait for my son to come and sort it out.
Tomorrow I'm going to London for a RNA chapter meeting -we're talking about promoting our books. Should be good -and it's always worth the journey to spend an afternoon with other romance writers.
Shall be taking my brand new toy - a Kindle. Have bought two books to read and it has a smart  leather cover as well.

Thursday 17 March 2011

No time for writing - and Wendy -the station cat.

So far today I've rushed off to fetch glue for the builder putting up our new kitchen units -the smell made me feel sick. I've faffed about with facebook/twitter/linkedin/Kindle and e-mails.
Taken to dog for walk along the river wall.
Failed to go to my French conversation class.
I've put up ceramic art plates on newly arrived plastic stands.
I've run up and down stairs a dozen times (my study is upstairs) to answer queries from the builder. He's not a happy man.

Am now going to compose a long letter of complaint to Homebase about the missing parts/ incorrect fittings/extra units/and wrongly made unit -and we only had four!! It's cost me an extra £100 for fitting because of their mistakes.
Have put a calming picture of the cat belonging to Wivenhoe station to cheer me up.
So no time to write. Maybe when everything is sorted and the house quiet I'll find a small space to write. After all that's what I do for a living.