Friday 18 March 2011

Good and bad day

My new kitchen units are almost done - but no handles on the units and the pelmet is too short. I've tried to ring Homebase head office but they don't answer their phone. Do they know I have a list of fourteen complaints?
The new bookcases are wonderful -all I need is the rest of my books from the garage to fill them up.
My speakers arrived and I pushed the green ended connection into the green hole in the back of the PC but nothing happens. Have to wait for my son to come and sort it out.
Tomorrow I'm going to London for a RNA chapter meeting -we're talking about promoting our books. Should be good -and it's always worth the journey to spend an afternoon with other romance writers.
Shall be taking my brand new toy - a Kindle. Have bought two books to read and it has a smart  leather cover as well.

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