Thursday 1 April 2021

Book News

A Wedding for the Spitfire Girl is now in a month long promotion with Amazon -reduced to £1.49!!
 Here is the link:

The Earl's Erstwhile Bride is now live - a week before I expected it to be. Here is the link to that one.

I'm about to start writing the first in an eight book contract for my new publisher Boldwood. Have read the new books I ordered and am planning it out in my head.

I have a detailed character and series outline but I doubt very much whether I'll actually follow it.

My final book for Aria -Head of Zeus is now wiht them for edits. I loved writing for them and have no complaints. It was just time to step up and move on.

Hope you have all had your jabs - if eligible - I had a bad reaction to mine but am still having the second one in three weeks. Then we can start seeing family and friends again.

We have the good weather to look forward to as well. My garden is looking great and have a man here painting the shed blue. 

Keep safe

Fenella J Miller

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