Sunday 1 November 2020

November Blues!

 I don't like November or February and this year I dislike it even more. A full lockdown starts on Thursday - too late in my opinion - and this means no chance of seeing my husband until December at the earliest.

Also I can't see my brother or my niece, my friends or neighbours. I can still see my son, daughter in law and grandson -so that's one thing I couldn't do last time. 

The nights are long and the days short and gloomy. I have over 250 assorted bulbs to plant but haven't been able to get into the garden.

This book is out next week - thank you if you've already pre ordered it.


 The only good thing about this year is the extra time I've had to write and read and watch TV.

Another thing that is depressing is this new layout on Blogger - I apologise for the poor layout but it no longer allows me to put my pictures where I want them.

Take care - this is a deadly illness - not the flu, and it's infecting millions, killing thousands and leaving even more wiht long term health problems.

best wishes

Fenella J Miller

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