Thursday 19 March 2015

Victoria's War: Shadows – inspired by my mother's memoirs.

I'm delighted to tell you that the first part of the World War II family saga which was inspired by my mother's memoirs, is now live on Amazon. My mother was Anglo-Indian and the daughter of a Rajah. She went out to join her father and his family in 1935 and stayed for four years.The first few chapters of the book are set in India in 1939 and several of the events actually happened.
£2.99 - out now.
Victoria in no way resembles my mother, but the descriptions of the palace, jungle and various other things are based on actual accounts. I shall be publishing the  memoirs in the summer and already have a fabulous cover for them.
The second part of the book, Victoria's War: Reunited, he's ready to go to my proofreader and will be out in May or June this year.
I loved writing this book, it is different to my other World War II books as a lot of it is set abroad. It opens in India in 1939, then moves to Essex, to Africa, India and Burma, then to Boston USA and ends in London in 1950.

Victoria Bahani, the spoilt, privileged daughter of the Rajah of Marpur and an English woman has always believed she would marry an Englishman and not an Indian. When she meets Captain Henry Hindley-Jones on the train to Delhi she knows he is exactly the kind of man she and her mother had been thinking of. 
However, things are changing in India and her father no longer approves of the British. Marrying Henry means she must give up her Indian heritage and become an Englishwoman – will she live to regret her impulsive decision? (.uk) (.com)

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