Friday 27 March 2015

A Cornish Maid - inspired by the original version of Poldark.

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I am delighted to tell you that I have just republished A Cornish Maid, first released in 2010 by Musa, and I think that the brilliant Jane Dixon-Smith has captured exactly the feeling I wanted.
I sold my first book exactly ten years ago this month – forty books written to date and most of them now published – and decided that I am going to start this second decade with a different style of cover. What do you think?
My Demelza is quite different from the Poldark Demelza, she is gently bred but orphaned and fallen on hard times. She has glorious black hair whereas the Demelza in Poldark has red hair.
My hero, Lucas Fairfield, has fair hair, but in all other respects I hope he is as attractive as the current Ross Poldark. Lucas does a fair bit of shirt removing as well. He was also a  soldier, but he was recently returned from the Peninsular and not the Colonies.
Richard Sharpe (Sean Bean)
All my previous Regency heroes were written with Richard Sharpe (Sean Bean) firmly in mind, but from now on it will  have to be Ross Poldark (Aidan Turner). Both fictional heroes share the same characteristics – in fact they have the characteristics that are essential in order to be a good hero. A hero, in my opinion, must be honest, kind, intelligent, brave, have a sense of humour and be physically attractive. Both Richard Sharpe and Ross Poldark, both brought to life by brilliant actors, epitomize a hero.
Ross Poldark (Aidan Turner)

In the small Cornish village of Tregorran, Demelza struggles to keep the family house intact and care for her young brothers and sister after the deaths of their parents. Knowing that she is losing the battle, she agrees to take in a paying guest: handsome Lucas Fairfield. But the growing attraction between the two seems doomed from the start. With Lucas obliged to return to his ancestral manor and Demelza devoted to caring for her siblings and own familial home in Tregorran, Cornwall. Can they ever find happiness together? (.uk) (.com)

Fenella J Miller

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