Monday 5 November 2012

The reason I write!

Today I had this e-mail from a  reader. I had to share it with you as receiving letters like this is the reason  I'm a writer. Artists and similar creative people are happy to work in secret -  most writers create their stories for the enjoyment of others. Knowing our work's appreciated is what keeps us working seven days a week.
For most of us it's certainly not the money we earn. :)

Hi Fenella! I just treated myself to 6 regencies of yours over on Fictionwise from Belgrave House!  I notice a few that were up before that I had on my wishlist are no longer available there.  Will you be putting them up elsewhere?Thank you for the wonderful stories you write! Your books are bringing me so much joy and comfort!  Its been a tough time here and to have your books to read has been super! I plan to get the last couple i need from Musa when I'm next able to! (the Doctor titled one. Didn't know I missed it!) I love the Christmas historicals so glad you have out Hartford Hall!You have lots of other historical and regencies and I shall check if they out in ebook and all!  Again thanks for your beautiful writing!

The fifth 'duke' book , The Duke's Deception, goes live at the weekend. I'll post the cover and blurb then.
Enjoy your fireworks.


  1. That's so lovely Fenella, the best accolade a writer can have. Congratulations on such wonderful comments - and on selling loads of books too!

  2. Cara -thanks for commenting. Had another e-mail of a similar kind - this is new for me - I don't get a lot of reader mail.