Saturday, 10 November 2012

The Duke's Deception

Fifth 'duke' book - out now on Amazon.
The Duke's Deception is out on Amazon Kindle today. Another great cover from Jane Dixon-Smith.
I have already had to change the file as I had used the same title for the hero. I noticed this and changed it -but then changed it back thinking I'd not yet changed it -if you see what I mean.
Anyway it's fine now - hopefully the five readers who had already bought the book won't mind.
Last month I got my first royalties from Germany, I also sell a few copies most days in France/Spain and Italy -yet to sell a copy in Japan.
Here is the blurb.

Marianne Devenish arrives in Great Bentley expecting to find her great-uncle in residence. Instead she finds The Duke of Wister, Theodolphus Rickham pretending to be Sir Theodore Devenish, a tulip of the ton, more interested in the cut of his coat than in politics.
Unable to stay in a bachelor establishment she moves to Frating Hall, with the permanently impecunious Lord and Lady Grierson. She discovers, to her horror, that Charles, and his younger brother, Edward are involved with the local smugglers. 
Theo's dissembling inevitably leads to misunderstandings and heartbreak and with her reputation in tatters Marianne flees to London. But she is ostracised by society and is obliged to find refuge at Drayton House, a small estate in Hertfordshire. Here her life turns into a nightmare. 
Can Theo catch his spy, save Edward and Charles from the gallows and rescue the woman he loves before she is lost to him for ever?

Hope you enjoy it.
Have a good weekend

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  1. Fond memories of Great Bentley, (born Harwich, lived Manningtree). Must add this to my TBR pile.