Wednesday 1 July 2020

Has the lockdown improved things for writers or the reverse?

For twelve weeks I wasn't able to go and see my husband at his care home and this gave me more time to write. In fact, writing was what kept me sane. Also, eating chocolate – I'm now struggling to lose the weight that I put on.
So far this year I've written a 95,000 word book for Aria – Head of Zeus – The Girls in Blue will come out in October. This is the first in a three book series about girls in the WAAF.
Then I wrote the third and final book in my, The Reluctant Duke, series, The Duke's Predicament, which will be out next month.
I have also written a full-length Regency, A Solitary Duke, which is currently on sale and doing very well – thank you to those who have already bought it. And then I've written a shorter book for Christmas, A Christmas Conundrum, which will be out in September.
I have just finished writing the fifth and final book in my bestselling Barbara's War series, The Conclusion, which will go to my editor next month and hopefully be out in November.

I'm about to start writing the second book in The Girls in Blue series as this has to be handed in by October.
This will then give me three months to write the first in a new six book Regency series, The Earl's Inheritance, and this will be out in January next year. I also hope to write another stand-alone Regency – but I don't usually write as much in December so maybe I won't get that done.
I might actually have written nine books by the end of the year and this wouldn't have happened in normal circumstances.Thank God I'm a writer and have something interesting and worthwhile to be doing whilst I'm trapped at home.
Fortunately, I can now see my husband for half an hour every day, if it's not raining, outside the care home in the garden. This will obviously stop when the weather deteriorates and I can't see anyone being allowed to visit inside care homes any time soon. He's very happy where he is – so it's harder for me than for him not be able to go in.
I know that a lot of writers have found self isolation counter-productive and are finding writing impossible. I'm one of the lucky ones.
The positive side for all writers about this horrible virus is that people are reading more.
Whatever anyone says this isn't going to go away unless people continue to take care, socially distance and follow the advice given by medical people.
Stay in and stay safe
best wishes
Fenella J Miller

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