Wednesday 31 July 2019

Why are box sets doing better than this single titles?

Years ago when I started out on the author-publishing route I was one of the first to put out a box set. I sold literally thousands, but once other writers saw the benefits of this, sales slowed down. I still put my single titles into genre related boxes and usually take down the individual books once this happens.
This year individual title sales on Amazon are 60% of what they were last year, but for some reason the box sets I've put out are doing really well.
The Barbara's War box set was the first to take off so I packaged the Nightingale Chronicles series and this too is now selling really well. The individual books in these box sets have been removed from sale.
Later this month I'm going to publish The Duke's Alliance series, this will have all six books in, and it's got one of the new 3D covers. However, as the single titles are still selling quite well I'm not taking them down. I'm hoping that readers who haven't tried the series will think that £3.99 for six books is a bargain as each one costs £1.99.
Strangely I never buy a box set myself – what about you? Do you prefer bargain box or to download your choices one at a time?
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Fenella J Miller

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