Friday 18 May 2018

The Reclusive Duke & Other Things

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The Reclusive Duke is my latest offering. It is already in large print with Linford Romance and was included in last summer's Regency Romantics Box Set. 
This is why it is priced so low - it is not a totally new title. 
All my stand alone Regency books, except my Christmas novella, are written for the box set and then when this comes down we can republish as a stand alone title.  My Beta readers loved this one.

Here is the blurb:

The Reclusive Duke
When Lydia Sinclair is left to care for the orphaned children of her sister she discovers they are distant relatives of The Duke of Hemingford. With the last few coins she possesses she buys seats on a common stage for all five of them, determined to persuade the duke to assume responsibility for his cousins. The duke has no wish to have these unwanted relatives foisted on him, since his accident he shuns society.
However, Digby, his man of business, has other ideas and installs Lydia and the children in The Dower House.
Will the duke evict them when he discovers this deception or can Lydia get him to change his mind?

Other Things:

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Tomorrow  morning is THE WEDDING. Are you going to watch? We will be - love a good wedding.
Tomorrow afternoon is the CUP FINAL. Won't be watching that.
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