Wednesday 25 January 2017

The Duke's Alliance - An Unconventional Bride

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I'm delighted to tell you that the third book in "The Duke's Alliance" series, An Unconventional Bride, is now available for pre-order. It will be released on 23rd February at the bargain price of £1.99/ $2.99.
I am loving writing this series and intend to add an extra book, the story of the newly arrived cousin, Elizabeth Freemantle, which will make seven books instead of six. This means you will have to wait for Beau's story until 2018. I have to leave the duke until last although I'm eager to write his romance.
The fourth book in the series, Lady Giselle's, will be published in late summer.

 Here is the blurb:

An Unconventional Bride is the third in The Duke's Alliance series. 
Mrs Mary Williams, a colonel's widow, arrives at Silchester Court with Miss Elizabeth Freemantle, who has been brought up as her sister. Beth is the Duke of Silchester's cousin and he is her guardian. 
Lord Aubrey, the duke's youngest brother, finds himself designated to oversee the London debut of both Lady Giselle, his sister, and his lively cousin, Beth, as the duke is called away to his estates in the North.
Although Mary is only four years older than Aubrey she is more worldly and well-travelled. Mary is not thinking of marrying a second time, she values her independence too much, and certainly not to a young gentleman like Lord Aubrey. 
Only when her reputation is lost, and marriage to Aubrey is impossible, does she understand that her feelings have changed.
Is it too late for them to find happiness together? Will the duke allow her to be part of his prestigious family?

Thanks for your continued support -it is valued.
Fenella J Miller

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