Monday, 16 May 2016

The Duke's Alliance – A Dangerous Husband – the second book in the six books series.

The first book in The Duke's Alliance series – A Suitable Bride – did amazingly well and I want to thank all of you who downloaded it. For those who haven't, it's a stand-alone story about Lord Sheldon, the Duke of Silchester's brother, and his whirlwind romance with Grace.
The second book is now available on pre-order and will be released on 26th May. A Dangerous Husband is action packed and charts the romance between Lady Madeline, the duke's oldest sister, and Lord Carshalton. This too is a stand-alone story and the charismatic duke, Beau, also features in this book.
The third book, which I shall write in the autumn to be released in January 2 017, will be about Peregrine, the eldest twin. This will be entitled A Widowed Bride.

Here is the blurb:

Lady Madeline Sheldon has no intention of making a precipitous marriage like her older brother Bennett. However, she has no objection visiting Lord Carshalton and his grandmother when the opportunity arises. His lordship is only recently returned from the Peninsular where he was serving as an intelligence officer for Wellesley.
Grey isn't looking to set up his nursery – he is more concerned with re-establishing a connection with his estranged relatives whose existence he did not know about until he inherited the title. Lady Carshalton is staying with him in order to get to know her grandson – the only child of the son from whom she had been estranged for thirty years.
Someone is trying to kill Grey and he believes it to be associated with his time in the military. The first attempt was made whilst he was still serving and the danger appears to have followed him to Hertfordshire. Madeline is dragged into his treacherous world by events beyond her control and she is almost relieved when her brother, The Duke of Silchester, tells her it's too dangerous to be involved with Lord Carshalton. She is finding him rather too attractive for comfort.

She and Grey are obliged to enter into a temporary engagement and this puts Madeline in the line of fire. After another attempt on his life Grey is forced to leave the area and she has to go with him. They are to stay at Blakely Hall, his ancestral home, until the danger has passed.
Somehow danger follows them. Beau, the duke, discovers how the culprit is and sets out in a desperate race to save both his sister and Lord Carshalton.


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