Monday 1 February 2016

Valentine Kisses - Regency Romantics Box Set 2016

The first of this year's  multi-author box sets is now live on Amazon. We have changed the name to Regency Romantics because Wendy Soliman has rejoined the group, which means there are now six of us. Therefore, Regency Quintet was no longer an option.
Monica Fairview is still part of the group but hasn't put a book in this time. However, there might well be six books in the next offering.
Elizabeth Bailey's book, A Chance Gone By, is a specially written new title. The other stories have all been published before.
We are aiming to get all new stories in the Christmas edition, which will be a real achievement.
I'm no longer hosting the box sets and have gratefully passed it on to Amanda Grange. Our intention is to take this  task in turns, so that means I won't have to do it again for another five years – if we are all still publishing a box set by then.
I love being part of a group of writers as it can be a lonely business sitting at your computer all day. We are now having twice yearly meetings in London where we can exchange views and discuss plans for the future.

I think this is an excellent selection of stories and hope that you think so too.

Fenella J Miller

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