Saturday 24 October 2015

Christmas at Highfield Court

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I know what your thinking -not another Christmas book. I love the build up to the festive season but usually find the period itself a let down. Not having a faith the religious side is rather lost on me - although I do love singing carols and hearing the Christmas story.
I like to give gifts to friends and family and this is the one time of the year I can do it without anyone objecting.
For this reason I think there can't be too many Christmas themed books -hence this my third.
Here is the blurb for this recycled title. Don't you love the new cover?

Christmas at Highfield Court was previously published as Lord Atherton's Ward. 
Extra scenes have been added to this book. When their father, Sir John, dies leaving Sarah Ellison and her younger sister Jane orphaned, his choice of guardian is entirely disagreeable to Sarah – particularly with Lord Atherton's insistence that they leave their family home and move to Highfield Court to remain under the care of his mother. Will the spirit of Christmas work it's magic or will Sarah continue to alienate Lord Atherton with her headstrong behaviour or prove that she is a girl he can respect?

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Fenella J Miller

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