Thursday, 24 September 2015

Christmas at Castle Elrick
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Christmas at Castle Elrick is a Regency fairy tale - Miss Verity Sanderson the beauty and Sir Ralph Elrick the beast. He was severely injured in the Napoleonic wars and has been brooding in his castle for years waiting for Verity to reach her majority and come to him. Her father had promised his daughter to Ralph in return for his financial support. Verity decides marriage to a wealthy stranger is preferable to remaining with her step-mother and half-sisters so sets off, the week before Christmas, to become his wife. 
Castle Elrick is a cold, unwelcoming place situated on the bleak Northumbrian coast and Ralph and his small staff are not the only residents. Will Christmas be a celebration or will the ghosts of Elrick Castle force them apart?

This is the first of my two Christmas offerings for 2015– the second will be in the Regency Quintet Christmas Edition box set which will be out early in October.
Another wonderful cover by Jane Dixon-Smith which I hope will make you feel warm and fuzzy and want to read my book. I know it's still September, but there are already so many Christmas books available I thought I'd better put mine up as well.
Fenella J Miller

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