Friday 2 January 2015

Happy New Year – no resolutions but plenty of plans.

I hope you all had an enjoyable New Year celebration – I heard the fireworks from the comfort and safety of my bed.
I like January 1st as it is another chance to begin again, to set fresh tasks and forget past mistakes. I don't make resolutions but do make detailed plans for the forthcoming year. There is nothing I like better than ticking off things as I get them done.
Out 23rd January.
I was delighted by the way my career took off at the end of 2014, but don't expect this to last as the imposition of an extra 17% VAT on or my UK sales could well be disadvantageous – on the positive side, perhaps more people will subscribe to the Kindle Unlimited and borrow my books instead.
I managed to publish five new titles last year and republish eight other books and box sets.
My hope is to maintain this monthly output and I have a new Regency romance ready to come out on January 23rd – Lord Ilchester's Inheritance. I have written the first eight chapters of the second installment of the "Pemberley" series and this will be released in July.
Out February 14th
Amanda Grange, Wendy Soliman, Melinda Hammond and Elizabeth Bailey and I, – all friends and successful Regency writers – have a box set coming out in time for Valentine's Day. There will be more news about this nearer the time.
There will also be the first audio version of any of my books out sometime this year as I'm in the process of getting The Ghosts at Pemberley narrated. This is another new venture for me.
I have a two-part World War II historical novel written, and is being edited and proofed at the moment. Victoria's War was inspired by my mother's memoirs and the first part of the book is set in India in 1938. I shall also be publishing my mother's memoirs this year as well.
There will  be two further new Regency romances, one will be a Christmas themed novella, the other I have no idea about at the moment,
I have just joined a women only Gym and go for my induction session today – I intend to do this with my niece as we both want to get thinner and fitter this year.
Do you make resolutions and then break them within a week or two? Or do you, like me, make plans – which are more flexible – and stick to them?
Fenella J Miller

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