Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Barbara's War -The Resolution

Available for pre-order at Amazon now.
The final book in my Barbara's War series, Barbara's War -The Resolution is now available for pre-order on Amazon now and will be released on 26 September.

If Barbara's secret is discovered it will destroy her family, but no one can keep a secret forever. Her husband Alex, a Spitfire pilot, would reject her and her marriage will be over. A tragedy almosts rips the family apart and then Alex is posted abroad. Barbara has to learn to live without him. A series of domestic catastrophes, bad news and the unexpected appearance of her childhood friend, John Thorogood, cause her further heartache. Can she find a happy resolution to her problems? 

I am going to miss this cast of characters after being so closely involved in their lives for three years. The first of the series, Barbara's War, will be coming out as a large print in October and so should be in libraries some time after that.

I would like to thank Jane Dixon Smith for providing me with such fantastic covers – I'm sure her designs have played a big part in the success of these books.

I would also like to thank my beta readers, Fay Cunningham, Kim Sheffield, Thorunn Bacon and Susan Rhodes for their valuable input in the series.

The books would not be so well produced without the help of my editor/proofreader Rachel Bevan.

I am now writing a three books series of Jane Austen variations and the first one is finished and should be published in October some time. I have already got the outline in my head for the second two books and will be writing one in 2015 and one in 2016. 

I am about to start on the final edit for my next two book, World War II series, entitled, Victoria's War. The first part will come out in spring and the second in the autumn of next year.

Fenella J Miller

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