Wednesday 23 July 2014

The Duke & The Vicar's Daughter

£0.99 - out now
I am delighted to tell you that my latest Regency title, The Duke & The Vicar's Daughter, is now live on Amazon KDP.
This is my third new title this year and there will be the final part of the Barbara's War trilogy in September, and a Jane Austen variation, which I am writing at the moment, should be ready for publication in October. This will make a grand total of three full-length books and two shorter ones. I'm hoping to be able to write a  Regency with a Christmas theme, to come out in November, as well. Here is the blurb:

The Duke of Edbury decides he must marry an heiress if he is to save his estates. So far he has managed to stay out of the clutches of the predatory mama's who spend the Season searching for suitable husbands for their daughters. The god-daughter of his aunt, Lady Patience, might be a suitable candidate and he is persuaded to act as a temporary guardian to both Lady Patience and her cousin, Miss Charity Lawson. 
When Charity and Patience exchange places the fun begins.There is also the matter of an abandoned baby and an abduction, as well as the inevitable misunderstanding between Hugo and Charity, to sort out before there can be a happy resolution.

I hope you enjoy this story is much as I did writing it. My August release will be my final back list book, one I wrote way back in 2006. I shall get the rights back for my the books that are on Musa in October so will have those to republish next year.

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