Tuesday 20 May 2014

Lords & Ladies Box Set

Box Set £1.99

Yesterday I released my first Lord & Ladies box set and, as all the stories were 30,000 words novellas, I decided to put four titles in this one. Lord Atherton's Ward is very high on the Kindle historical romance charts and I was not sure if putting the book in this box set was a good idea. I have a feeling that the readers who buy box sets are not the same as the readers who buy single titles – anyway, I hope this is true.
I now have five box sets available – two at £1.99 and three at £2.99. As always it's a moot point whether to have everything priced as low as possible and sell more copies, or to price according to the length of the book (as I do) and make about the same in royalties.
I think that novellas should be cheaper than full-length books and this is why I price is I do. However, I know other Regency writers who sell well with box sets at £4.99 and full-length books at £2.99 – sometimes I wonder if pricing books to go devalues and somehow in the eyes of readers.
What do you think?

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