Tuesday 3 December 2013

Christmas Thoughts!

I included a picture of my reindeer as I bought it in honour of the arrival of my new grandson – I don't suppose Charlie will really appreciate it this year, but my next door neighbour's little boys certainly do.
My Christmas tree is up (I'm not sure about the red flowery Christmas lights, but too late to do anything about it this year.) The decorations are done, much to the disgust of my husband who is a "bah humbug" sort of chap.
Until a few years ago Advent, for me, was a time of preparation and contemplation for the birth of Christ. Then inexplicably I lost my faith and although I've tried attending different churches, have been unable to restore my belief in God. I suppose I am an agnostic now, but I do miss the spiritual side of Christmas. I love giving presents – in fact would much rather do this then receive them. I watch all the Christmas films and love the OT T decorations on other people's houses – especially in America.
I am desperately trying to fit in all the Christmas related activities with my hectic writing schedule. I now have many readers anxiously awaiting publication of the second part of Barbara's War – I only have three more chapters to write and I'm determined to get this finished before Christmas. Then the book will be given a quick edit and sent out to my four beta readers – when it comes back I will do any necessary changes and then send it to my proofreader. If everything goes according to plan it will be published in February.
I am also in the process of editing my next Regency, "Lord Denver's Choice", and this goes to my proofreader on Friday, but I have yet to ask Jane to do the cover. This will go up at the end of December.
When I've finished Barbara's War I'm going to write a new Regency and my head is already buzzing with the story.
Last year I was incarcerated with a broken foot and ankle so this year I've accepted every invitation to lunch and to party that came my way and now find I have seven events to go to, as well as three family events. I've hidden the scales in the laundry basket and won't step on them again until January!

I've got too much going on at the moment but it's all good. Whether Christmas has a religious meaning, or is just a time for loving and giving and seeing family, it's a magical time of year.
I'm not sure if I will have time to post again so I would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas and peaceful New Year. I would also like to thank all of you who took the time to write a review, or contact me, to tell me how much they loved my books. This is why I write – the royalties are great, but knowing readers are enjoying my books is far more important.
Fenella J Miller


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