Saturday 17 August 2013

A Chance Encounter – new Regency adventure.

Jane Dixon-Smith cover.
"A Chance Encounter" was previously published by DC Thompson and Linford Romance and called both "Saved for Love" and "An Unexpected Encounter".
Although the book had been edited by DC Thomson I found a lot of missing words and so on to correct. I also rewrote some of it and got it professionally proofread. I was horrified to discover just how many things I'd missed even though I'd corrected it twice on the computer and twice as hard copy.
Linford Cover
I think it's impossible to find all the mistakes oneself - if you wrote it then you read what you expect to see and only pick up glaring errors. Many of mine - in fact most - were inverted commas reversed and missing full stops and question marks.
I use Dragon software and this often omits words and replaces 'then' for 'than' etc.
All the problems are now in the past as I've found a fantastic proof reader to make sure I never again publish a book with proofing errors.

Blurb for "A Chance Encounter".
Miss Victoria Marsh has a chance encounter in the church with a disagreeable, but handsome, soldier recuperating from a  grievous leg injury. Major Toby Highcliff believes himself to be a useless cripple, but meeting Victoria changes everything.
Will he be able to keep her safe form the evil that stalks the neighbourhood and convince her that he is the ideal man for her?
MWPN cover.

This has to be the worst Regency cover ever! There are no swords, Toby does not have long hair or a beard, and it is not set in the 17th century. At no time did a sword wielding villain chase Toby or Victoria and his horse was not a relation to a dragon! The DCT covers are now very good - which is a great relief to all who write for them.
In fact Toby and Vicotria are exactly like my lovely Jane Dixon-Smith cover. Being able to have control over all aspects of my books is why I have chosen to mainly self-publish.

I am almost half way through writing the first new story for over a year. I have such a long back list to edit and publish that this has been taking up most of my time.This is another 'duke' book and should be ready to publish late next month. Then I shall start writing the second and final part to Barbara's War - several readers have asked when this will be done so I must make it a priority. I'm hoping to publish both e-book and print in the New Year. Cricket and new grandson might make a dent in my writing time. :)

Fenella J Miller

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