Monday, 8 July 2013

A Mistress for Stansted Hall

Avialable now on Amazon.

A Mistress for Stansted Hall is now available on Amazon. This was originally published with DC Thomson as a My Weekly Pocket Novel a few years ago. The editor liked stories with a damaged hero and descriptions of food! Needless to say this book includes both – it is also a sweet romance and doesn't have a secondary plot. In fact I think this is the only book without a villain of some sort.

Here is the blurb: I hope you find time to read it. 

Since she was widowed, it has been difficult for Emma Reed and her young children, Jack and Mary. But then, Rupert Bucknell offers her a job as his housekeeper. However things do not go well. Rupert has a fearsome temper and doesn’t want her or the children to remain. Since his accident Rupert has lived as a recluse, believing his scars make him hideous. Emma, with nowhere to go, must persuade Mr Bucknall that she is indispensable.

Fenella J Miller


  1. Lovely cover, Fenella. I hope you sell a zillion.

  2. Always great covers from Jane. Thanks, Anna, I hope I do too.