Saturday, 1 June 2013

New Titles - New Beginnings

I can't tell you how thrilled I am to being a grandmother for the third time. Charlie is certainly my darling. Having a new baby in the family is a wonderful thing and something we never expected to be blessed with. My granddaughter is at Oxford University and is 20 years old, my other grandson is 15 and taking his GCSEs. I shan't be quite such a hands-on grandmother this time although we will see him several times a week as my son and daughter-in-law live locally.
I'm afraid that writing and editing have been put to one side of the past few days but I have these two novellas almost ready to be published on Kindle very soon.
This is out next month.
(It should read ' A Mistress for Stansted Hall')
My new grandson - four hours old.
A Most Unusual Governess was previously published by DC Thomson several years ago and then was available through Regencyreads. A Mistress at Stansted Hall has the same history. There will be a third novella available at the end of July. I intend to have all my books published on Kindle by this time next year. The second part of Barbara's War is on my list of things to do before the autumn. I have already got a detailed outline of the book and started the research: I haven't written anything entirely new for over a year and I'm not sure if I'm looking forward to it or dreading it. As Barbara's War is receiving excellent reviews, and has also been given 'The IndiePENdents' Seal of approval, I think it important to provide my readers with the promised second, and final, part.  I am also going to attempt to put Hannah's War, Miss Bennett & Mr Bingley and Barbara's War on other platforms. I'll let you know when they are available elsewhere.
This book is coming out next week.

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