Monday 20 August 2012

What's on your Kindle?

Not read this one yet.
This is a sample of books on my Kindle. I've also got several Anthony Trollope - but haven't had the energy to finish any of them. I download anything by anyone I know - but only if it's less than £2. I don't always read them - but like to support fellow writers. I hope they do the same for me.
Didn't like this one.

Good story.

Love Amanda's books -but not read this yet.

Set in India and looks interesting -not read it.

Why didn't the make more Zen films? Love Dibdin.

Just read this - 5* - loved it.

Have read all Leon's books -even paid exorbitant price for them. £5.99 for a Kindle copy!!

Didn't enjoy this -can't see why this was so popular.
What have you got lurking on yours? Of the ninety books I've downloaded since last year I've read and enjoyed about a third, partially read a third, and not even looked at a third.
An excellent thriller - have read three of his - a bit violent -but still good.

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