Friday, 23 March 2012

Miss Shaw & The Doctor

Miss Shaw & The Doctor has finally arrived. After a troubled start when it was trapped at Aspen Mountain Press for a few months Musa/Aurora has now released it on the world. I'm delighted with the finished result which is a combination of hard work from my editor, the art and the marketing department and, of course, myself. Many thanks to Tamara, Coreen, Kelly and Dominique for their input.
I now have to decide whether to continue writing Regency romances or move onto something else. I have written more than 28 titles in the past six years and am worried I will eventually start repeating myself.
I have already written a Victorian family saga and three books set in World War II so might decide to set my next romance in a different era. If I do that I will no longer be part of Aurora, and I do enjoy being part of this dynamic team.
At the moment I have three books with a large print publisher and then waiting for a reply: two partials with the new historical fiction publisher: and the first of a young adult fantasy series waiting to be sent to either an editor or agent. I'll let you know the outcome of these submissions - they could very well decide in which direction my career is now going to go.
That said, I somehow think I'll never entirely abandon the romantic world of the Regency.

Sarah Shaw is delighted to secure an excellent post as governess to four little girls and is sure she can be successful. However, the children are not as biddable as she expected and she discovers, Lord Fenwick, her employer, is not the man she thought him to be. In her opinion, the interference of the local physician, Adam Moorcroft, does not improve matters. When tragedy strikes Sarah is obliged to make a promise she later regrets. Can she reconcile her conscience and find happiness with the man she loves?
Ebook Price: $4.99
Ebook ISBN13: 978-1-61937-260-3


  1. I am so glad the book is now published. I love the cover and I know the story will more than live up to expectations. You know how much I enjoy reading your books, so please don't give up the Regency period entirely.

  2. Fay -thanks for dropping by. I think I'll always want to write in this genre - but maybe only one a year if my other work is successful.