Thursday, 16 February 2012

Musa Blog Hop

Hi there,
Thank you for taking the time to visit my site. I write Regency for Aurora and my sixth book, Miss Shaw & The Doctor is due out next month.
I'm a voracious reader - print books downstairs and on my Kindle in bed. I love thrillers -especially Lee Child and Donna Leon and have recently discovered Diane Gabladon. Have just read War Horse and Farm Boy - YA books by Michael Morporgo - as I'm going to see the show in April.
One of my favourite Musa books is Lady Hartley's Inheritance by Wendy Soliman. A cracking Regency adventure of the traditional sort.
Clarissa Hartley is distraught when she discovers that her late husband left his entire estate to a son she knows nothing about.

Her godmother's son, Luc Deverill, the Earl of Newbury,suspects fraud. Thrown together during the social whirl of a Regency season in full swing, Luc is increasingly drawn towards Clarissa but she thinks him an idle dissipate and finds little to admire in the ways of high society.

Racing against time to foil those seeking to deceive Clarissa, Luc is horrified when she places herself in the path of danger. At last a woman has dented his impenetrable heart and he rides to her rescue. But has he left it too late to tell her how he feels?

I also enjoyed Wendy's other Regency 'Duty's Destiny'. Why not give them a try - after you've read one of mine of course. :) 
I'm going to read Deadly Delirium by Alyssa Lilquist and Shadow Eyes by Dusty Crabtree -both YA books at Musa. I'm also going to read A Bodyguard of Lies by Donna Del Oro. I'll let you know how I get on.
Now for the competition: Can you tell me in which of my books Demelza features?
 I'll randomly select a comment with the correct answer and  if you win I'll send you a copy of Miss Bannerman & The Duke - Best Book - at Long and Short Review.

Thanks for dropping by



  1. Thanks for the recommendation. I enjoyed Wendy's "Downsizing". I'm sure to read more from her soon. :)

  2. Sorry the competition wasn't up when you dropped by. Please come back and have a go. Thanks for calling in.

  3. Hi Fenella! I read Miss Peterson and the Duke and really enjoyed it! I have all of your books on my TBR list (my poor tablet is so full of awesome books!!) I'm looking forward to reading Miss Shaw and the Doctor soon too!

  4. Thanks so much for mentioning my book, Fenella. I agree with Melpomene. Miss Peterson and the Duke is a great read. A worthy addition to anyone's TBR list.

  5. Thanks for the recommendations. This blog hop is fun!

  6. No one found the answer to my question? Never mind, great to see you all here.

  7. Fenella, I have really enjoyed your Musa regencies!

  8. Is the answer a Cornish Maid? It's been so long since I read regency romance I think I need to read them again :)

  9. Thanks Cindi - I shall download some of yours.

  10. Great blog. I'm now a follower. :)

  11. Excellent -thanks - sometimes feel like 'Jonny no friends'

  12. If 'Kirbs2u' could contact me with an e-mail address I'll send her Miss Bannerman & The Duke in whatever format she wants. Well done and thanks for entering the competition.