Friday 2 December 2011

Christmas at Hartford Hall

Do you like my new cover?
I am delighted to say that my latest book with Musa, Aurora Regency, Christmas at Hartford Hall is now available. A Regency Cinderella story complete with a handsome ‘Prince Charming’, two nasty sisters and a wicked female relative.
When Elizabeth’s grandfather died there was no sign of a will and she, to her consternation, discovered she was now dependent on his heir. The new Lord and Lady Hartford and their twin daughters arrive and reduce her status to that of a servant. Elizabeth is determined to leave Hartford Hall in the New Year and work as a governess. However the arrival of Sir James Worthington to make an offer for Lady Eleanor only adds to her difficulties…
I do hope you enjoy it - it was great fun to write.


  1. I just came across your book on amazon. I love the Regency period and look forward to reading Miss Bannerman and the Duke.

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