Monday 29 October 2018

Christmas Ghosts at the Priory - final book for 2018
This is my final book of the year - but I am still writing the ninth. Will be a record year for writing and I'm not sure how I actually managed to produce over 600 000 new words. I don't suppose all of them were good - but they were the best I could do.
I hope you enjoy this light hearted Regency ghost story -bargain at £0.99 and $0.99 - even less than one euro too.

Blurb for the book:

Miss Eloise Granville is happy to agree to an arranged marriage with Viscount Forsythe and awaits his arrival at St Cuthbert's Priory with eagerness. Her grandparents assure her he is a personable young man, does not gamble or drink and is content to marry a bride selected for him by his grandfather. That is, until she discovers he is not aware of her infirmity. It is too late to cancel the arrangement as the announcement of their wedding has already been made. When the resident ghosts become angry at her betrothal it puts them both in mortal danger. Will they find love in the midst of this chaos or will circumstances push them apart?

best wishes
Fenella J Miller

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