Tuesday 4 June 2019

New Book - The Duke's Ward - first in series The Reluctant Duke.


I'm delighted to be able to tell you that I've started a new Regency series. I hope you were as sad as I was to leave the characters in my last series to get on with their lives.
This one – The Reluctant Duke – will be rather different to the previous series which dealt with the romance of each of the siblings in turn. The first book, The Duke's Ward, is indeed the romance between Richard and Amanda, but it doesn't end with their wedding. We will have to wait until the last book for that to happen – or maybe they will decide to marry sooner than I want.
The second book will either be Lady Sarah's romance or that of the governess. There will be either four or five books – it depends on who wanders into their lives.
I hope you enjoy it. The link it under the cover image.

JD Smith designs do all my covers and aren't they fantastic?
If you do read it can you please find time to put a short review on Amazon for me is this really helps the peculiar algorithms they use to promote  authors.

Here's the blurb:
The Duke's Ward is the first book in a new Regency romance series, The Reluctant Duke, by bestselling author Fenella J Miller.
Major Richard Sinclair finds himself elevated to a dukedom. Now he is The Duke of Enchester and responsible not only for vast estates and huge funds but also for The Dowager Duchess and the three under age daughters. 
He is a career soldier and has no intention of permanently burdening himself with this new inheritance. He will visit, set things in order and then return to his duties with his friend and comrade, Sgt Major RIley.
Lady Amanda Sinclair has been managing the household since her father's untimely demise and removes the family to the Dower House where their reduced income can cover their expenses more easily. She is eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new duke and being able to pay the bills once more.
However, both Richard and Amanda are in for a shock when they meet. Can a true aristocat like her ever teach a rough soldier how to be a successful duke?
Best wishes
Fenella J Miller

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