Saturday, 2 January 2016

The Duke's Alliance - A Suitable Bride

I'm pleased to tell you my first new title for 2016 is now available to pre-order. I t will be released on 15th January. This will be the first of a six books series - the second The Duke's Alliance - A Dangerous Husband - will be published in early summer. 

The Duke's Alliance Series 
Book One: A Suitable Bride 

Lord Bennett Sheldon, heir to his brother, The Duke of Silchester, is shocked to discover his profligate father had, before his death, depleted the family coffers by his gambling. Bennett, who resigned his commission on becoming his brother’s heir, decides that it is his role to save the family by finding himself a suitable bride. 

The duke reluctantly agrees to this plan and his younger sister, Lady Madeline, is thrilled to arrange a grand house party to which a selection of eligible young ladies is invited. Beau, the duke, is adamant that Bennett will only marry a girl with an impeccable pedigree as well as a vast fortune. 
Miss Grace DuPont has no wish to marry; she prefers to run her stud and take care of her beloved horses. However, her father is determined to gain entrance to the drawing rooms of the ton and believes his wealth and Grace’s beauty will be enough to attract an aristocratic suitor. 
Mr DuPont blackmails Lord Peabody into including Grace in the invitation to the house party but she will have to masquerade as member of Society and Lady Peabody’s goddaughter. She is forced to obey her father and, with her stallion, her three dogs and her companion, sets out for Silchester Court. Her intention is to remain in the background, for if her true identity is disclosed she will be evicted. 
Grace and Bennett are drawn to each other but she knows when he discovers who she is he will be disgusted. If he marries her he will lose his position in the family and be banished from Silchester Court. Can this dilemma be resolved or will Grace be left broken hearted? 

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Happy New Year 
Fenella J Miller

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